The Story of a Poor Farmer's Son

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While SILK provides a luxurious setting for its customers, its beginnings are quite humble. The story of SILK starts in a small village in Punjab, India, with its beautiful green fields and flowing rivers. It all begins with a poor farmer who grew organic produce with the aid of his family for a living.

The farmer spends his days and nights tending to his crops and making sure they were growing healthily. He lived during a time where most other farmers abandoned their organic farming practices to use pesticides and chemicals to further the production of their crops. The farmer watched as other farmers around him gave up the old traditions to adapt to the needs of the growing agriculture industry. But he gave them the blind eye, committed to tradition and continued to farm through organic methods.

Everyday he and his 2 sons, 2 daughters and wife gathered produce and set off to sell them in the market. His children took part in almost all of the farming, they were all proud of what they did, learning organic farming while balancing school, chores and helping their mother. However, pride is not always enough to be successful. The farmer and his family would spend the entire day at the market trying to sell his produce, but more often than not the saturated market would close with much of his produce remaining. Not wanting to waste the produce he would give what was left away to the less fortunate people he met on his walk home. The next morning they would gather more fresh produce and head out to the market once again.

The farmer spent his entire life repeating this process, and his children grew up watching and learning the traditional ways of organic agriculture. As they grew older their father taught them the extent of his knowledge, passing down generations of experience, tradition, and passion for organic farming.

Suddenly, at an early age the farmer passed away. The children proudly made sure to preserve their father’s vision of farming organically, and for many years carried the torch of their family’s tradition. As the years passed the children got married and moved around, but they did not stop farming the land that was now theirs. However once married the youngest son left India for Canada, and with only $200 to his name.

Only a teen when his father passed, the lessons he learned from his father became his core values, and his first few jobs in Canada were working at farms. The pressures of life in the city meant he had to explore multiple jobs to support his family. Branching out to new industries he built 2 successful companies, which in turn gave funding to capitalize on his father’s vision, values, and desire to bring fresh organic produce to the public; except instead of farming produce, his vast knowledge of cooking traditional Indian cuisine turned him to envision a unique, one of a kind dining experience rooted in true fresh organic, daily farm-to-plate cuisine.

SILK had been born and for the next 5 years, the son toiled between his 3 career commitments and the evolution of his restaurant. He would spend countless nights sleeping in his van, not having the time or energy to drive home for a few hours of sleep. The farmer’s son had set out to build a restaurant that would serve true organic foods representing his father’s passion for farming through organic methods; he would not rest until it was done. For 5 years, he dedicated his life to this goal and overcame endless obstacles, never faltering in the face of adversity. Finally, the son is ready to open his restaurant to the world; he is ready to carry on what his father spent his entire life doing.

This is the story of a farmer’s son, the story of SILK.

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